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He imagined his father was laughing too, from wherever he was."Didn't you know?

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He only asked aloud, when Rilian had wrapped his arms around him from behind and leant his chin on his shoulder, "Why are they like that?The look on his face as he slowly came into recognition of all of the things they passed (There was my old playroom and look, Eustace, that tower is the one that I broke my arm trying to climb out of.) was one that Eustace thought he couldn't get enough of.He had taken to staring at Rilian's face so that he could witness the beginnings of each spark of happiness, just the slight upturning of his lips and glistening in his eyes.Sometimes he did: the way his head angled proudly towards the horizon reminded him of Caspian at the bow of the , the way he pushed his hair back through his fingers echoed entirely of the late King, the way his body was slender and strong came from his father's own build.His accent was less pronounced than Caspian's deep and rich one, but Eustace knew that Rilian could slip into exotic Spanish when ceremony or need called for it.Allever heard were stories of the Old Narnia and of King Peter the Magnificent who ruled during the Golden Age and restored my father to his rightful throne.And when I read the letters and the Chronicles, I knew for sure.""Letters and Chronicles? "Rilian looked fondly on his father's grave, remembering the time he had gotten into his (what was really Peter's old room) chambers in Cair Paravel and looked through the chest filled with sheets of paper - some in Caspian's hand and some in Peter's - and the neatly filed reams bound with string and leather that chronicled King Peter's second stay in Narnia."No, the other chronicles already written by my father.All the times when Peter locked himself in his room and came out only for dinner with hastily brushed away tear trails on his face or silly grins across his lips or when his hands trembled as he folded and refolded the odd bits of paper as his siblings looked on sadly - those made sense too.He would have liked to see them, as they would help him know his cousin better, and he knew that the Prince would show them to him eventually, but for the moment he was comfortable, leaning back against Rilian's warmth."I guess it runs in the family," he said to which Rilian chuckled.--In the weeks after the King's death, Eustace found himself staring at Rilian and trying to find the Caspian in him.He wanted the dark Prince who was once a Dark Knight, who had long been lost and who he had found, who was comfort and home and all of those things that Jill had desired.All wanted was Rilian.--In the Experiment House, holding hands was something that was not explicitly forbidden. "Not here," he said with a light shake of his head and didn't let go of his hand until after they had said their good-nights at the door to Eustace's room.

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